Sunday, 7 June 2009


1863-64 De La Rue Triangles 4d deep blue SG 19 corner
block of 8 (4x4), margins large to enormous, deep rich colour,
large-part o.g., Cat £1440++. A magnificent exhibition item.
Cat Value under priced in my personal opinion .

£ 2000+ Retail Guide Price


1914 (Oct) Overprints on German Togo
Narrow Setting (Lines 2mm Apart) & 'Anglo-French' 16mm Long 1mk
red SG H23 (Gibbs #23), well centred, "Harmer Rooke" pencilled on the
reverse, Cat £7000. One of the great rarities of World War I British Occupation Issues.
Gibbs at page 190 states "Approximately 40 were issued. The majority of the recorded examples are used...About 10 unused examples are known, one of which is in the Royal Collection."

£ 7000.00 Retail Guide Price


ZANZIBAR 1936 New Currency 50/- Dhow
1936 New Currency 50/- Dhow imperforate die proof in dull orange
with margins 3-5mm, affixed to a small piece from the De La Rue day book
which is endorsed "26 Oct 1935" & in pencil "Approved" but also with
"This value was never issued". A beautiful item & a "must" for
the serious KGV collector, Superb very rare item .
£ 4500.00 Retail Guide Price CV much Higher

ZANZIBAR 1908-09 Sultan Ali bin Hamoud Essay

1908-09 Sultan Ali bin Hamoud stamp-size essay for a 2a value
comprising the printed frame in bright blue - highlighted with Chinese
white - superimposed over photographic vignette of the Sultan affixed to thin
card (90x114mm), endorsed "C" & dated "July 18th 97" at upper-right,
further endorsed "approved for the anna stamps down to 3:", initialled &
with date h/s '25JUL197' [sic] at lower-right, some very minor/insignificant soiling
that does not affect the stamp. A stunning essay!
Ex De La Rue Archives and Ian Borrie. De La Rue prepared three essays,
this being the approved version. However, the Zanzibar currency changed from
annas to cents in early-1898, requiring amended designs.

£ 750.00 Retail Guide Price CV much Higher



1900-05 New Colours & Values master die proof for the rupee values with
blank value tablet in black on glazed card reduced to stamp-size & affixed to a
small piece from the De La Rue day book (49x54mm) endorsed "Dec 31/60 leads
& six/extra" & in red "Ap 30 97" showing that the die was prepared five years
before the rupee values were issued.
£ 500.00