Thursday, 14 May 2009

Focus On Stamp Collecting Software

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StampManage 2009 Stamp Collecting Software

Countries: USA, Canada & Provinces, Australia, Germany, GDR, German States,
Great Britain (SCOTT#1-1000)Aden, Australian States (Victoria, New South Wales,
Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia), Cuba (1855-1958),
Confederate States and the U.S Possessions: Guam, Puerto Rico, Philippines,
Canal Zone, Hawaii, Ryukyu Islands, Danish West Indies, United Nations.

You can use our Postage Stamp Identifier to find the catalog number, issue date and
other info related to the stamps you own.

Simply type in the stamp subject, denomination or other identifying text found on
the stamp. StampManage will return all the relevant stamps.

You can then pick the varieties you own and use the Quick Add button to add them
to your collection database.

You will be able to inventory hundreds, even thousands of your stamps in a fraction
of the
time that would be needed if you had to look up each stamp in a stamp catalog.

Do you Want to Know how much your Stamp Collection is Worth?

StampManage contains the latest Market Values in several different grades,
including Mint Sheets & Plate Blocks where applicable.
Many of the more valuable stamps have a NH (Never Hinged) percent which
will calculated and automatically added to the base value of mint stamps.
You can browse the values database and StampManage will even show how
many of each stamp you own!

Create Stamp Album Pages

StampManage includes reports that let you create your own professional looking album pages directly from StampManage. The screenshot below shows U.S. Air Mail stamp album pages that were automatically generated in seconds from the StampManage database & image repository.
You can easily change the layout using our integrated Report Designer.
Create and store as many different Album Page layouts as you wish.
Easily print the pages on your printer. You may want to use the high-quality
Archival Printer Paper available directly from SCOTT.

Create your own reports

Use our new, integrated report designer to create and edit your own reports.
Easily create reports with graphs, stamp images, totals and more.
Save and print the report, or export to one of many different formats,
including PDF, HTML, Excel, RTF, XML, text and many more.

View your stamp collection in many different ways

Our Stamp Collecting software makes it easy to view and
analyze your collection in many different ways.
The screen shot to the left shows how the Year of Issue is displayed for
all the stamps currently in a user's collections. The user has chosen to
view all the stamps owned from the year 1863.
View all stamps purchased from a particular dealer
Execute queries you have created
View stamps by month/year of purchase or sale.
View all the stamps on your Sell list.
View all of your stamps grouped by Year of Issue, color, grade and more.
Use the Output Report Using feature to create reports with only the stamps
currently displayed as input to the selected report.

Use the Stamp Data Manager to add new stamps to the program database.

Add data & images for new countries
Edit existing stamp variety data.
Delete data from countries or categories you don't collect.
We use it when making additions to the StampManage datab

What a great product! I've been looking for a while. The demo software convinced me. I love the ease of use. MS Access & Windows aspects. Ability to create my own collection... The annual updates. I'm excited to get started entering my collection - John M. B. from Moraga, California

Download your free 30 day trial - HERE

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