Sunday, 10 May 2009

Matrimonial Cause Fee Stamps

Matrimonial Cause Fee Stamps 1866
Overprinted Specimen

In 1858 the court of divorce and matrimonial cause was set up, taking over duties of the former ecclesiastical courts and for the first time in England & Wales divorce could be obtained through the courts. In the 1800's divorce was hardly fashionable and frowned upon and as a result used stamps of this type are rare.

Available to collect

1858 Embossed revenues of 1855 on blued paper
Watermark VR, Imperforated, Very rare.

1858 Watermark PM, perforated,
as the blue stamps below but lilac in colour, rare.

1866 Watermark PM, perforated.
As below , rare.

1881 Matrimonial Cause Die Proof 10/

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